highly specialized,
goal oriented,
therapeutic services
and child study team services

for children of all ages in a safe
and nurturing environment

School Based therapy Services and the Center for Children’s therapy were established in 2000 to meet the growing demand for highly skilled pediatric occupational, physical and speech therapy, behavioral therapy, school psychology, social work and learning disabilities teacher consultant in both the school and community settings. Since then we have firmly established ourselves as leaders in the field. Our therapists are experts in their respective professions, and are often invited to lecture at universities, hospitals, public and private schools, and within the local community. Our utmost priority is to ensure successful outcomes for each and every one of our children in a safe, nurturing and productive environment.

School Based Therapy Services is a leading provider of educationally relevant occupational, physical, speech, behavioral therapy, and child study team services. SBTS is a New Jersey State Department of Education approved agency, offering contractual therapy services to both public and private schools for children ages 3-21. SBTS and its talented and caring professionals have been collaborating with districts in northern NJ for well over a decade. Our primary focus has been to help develop programs for in-district autistic, pre-school disabled, multiply disabled, and learning/language disabled classrooms.

Most importantly, SBTS is able to deliver related services to students, as well as provide staff development lectures and hands-on trainings.  In addition, with proper supports, we seek to mainstream our special education students and integrate them within our communities.  Ultimately our services allow students to remain in their local school district and receive an education that supersedes that of a costly private school


Our sister company, Center for Children’s Therapy, a pediatric clinic, is conveniently located on Route 23 in Cedar Grove. We specialize in the provision of rehabilitative and developmental occupational, physical, speech, and behavioral therapy for infants and children up to age 21. We offer effective and innovative treatment approaches for infants and children diagnosed with a variety of disabilities, including, but not limited to, Autism Spectrum Disorders, Sensory Processing Disorder, Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder, Dyslexia, Dysgraphia (poor handwriting), neuromuscular disorders, and orthopedic conditions.

Our skilled and dedicated staff members use state of the art equipment to provide the most effective therapy in a safe and a nurturing environment.  Treatment sessions are goal oriented but still emphasize each child’s unique needs and abilities.  Our services are child centered so that therapeutic interventions can be easily integrated into daily routines both at home and school.  To enhance the continuum of care we coordinate programs with caregivers, physicians and schools.   In addition to traditional therapies, we recognize the value and well researched benefits of integrative medicine.  We are proud to offer Yoga classes for typically developing, as well as special needs children and their families.  The practice of Yoga has enormous benefits to children.  Physically, children improve their flexibility, coordination, balance, and strength.   On an emotional level, Yoga is empowering to young children and improves self-esteem, compassion, and cooperation.  A mind-body connection is fostered and children see an increase in concentration, calmness, and relaxation.

Center for Childrens Therapy accepts most major insurance plans and is a state department of education approved clinic.